The Austrian Cultural Forum and the Polish Cultural Institute are pleased to present this panel discussion, which takes place in conjunction with the exhibition Sound of Silence: Art during the Dictatorship, at EFA Project Space.
A panel of artists, curators, critics, and activists will discuss the recent developments in contemporary Belarusian art as a response to political and economic turmoil, state-initiated mass repressions and human rights abuses. The discussion will focus on artists’ courageous positions and their contributions to the popular protest movements in Belarus against the dictatorial regime of President Lukashenko. The participants will also reflect on what opportunities individual artists and art communities have in order to to act under conditions of state repression.
Nelly Bekus (Philosopher and writer , University of Warsaw)
Olga Kopenkina (curator and participating artist in the ACFNY’s current exhibition, It’s The Political Economy, Stupid)
Tatsiana Kulakevich (member of the Belarusian-American Youth Association)
Sergey Shabohin (artist)
The panel will be moderated by Marek Bartelik (Critic, art historian, Vice President of AICA International)
In connection with Sound of Silence: Art During Dictatorship Exhibit

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