By Slava Stepnov and Roman Freud

The play will be performed in Russian with English Subtitles

Theatergoers of New York will be presented with a unique drama in which the distinct echo of Chekhov’s “Seagull” is in a peculiar intertwine with the life and artistic career of the Noble Prize winner Joseph Brodsky. Even though the play is based on selected episodes from Brodsky’s biography, this story is not about any particular person. It is rather about those who had the courage to drastically change their lives by abandoning their familiar environment and ended up on the verge of catastrophic cultural and emotional split. Love, mystery, adultery, scandals and spies are just a few of the turns and twists of the plot. “Ask Joseph” is an attempt made by STEPS to get a sneak pick in to the mystery of human talent, think about the stereotypes of self-identification, but most importantly to try and convince its audience that language is a sacred gift we were given by accident and it is our duty to preserve and enrich it…

The cast:
Yelena Stroganova
Liza Kaymin
Roman Freud
David Varer
Sergey Nagorny
Mira Rakhmanova
Alexander Kargaltsev
Misha Freud
Natasha Romanova

Slava Stepnov

Set & Light:
Lev Chesnov

Marina Peshchanskaya

Dmitry Sokolovsky
Boris Zeldin

Assistant Director
Sofia Kharkover

New York State Council on the Arts, a State Agency, COJECO, Materials for the Arts, RTVI, Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College, Helen Speransky Family Psychotherapy, P.C.

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