Artistic Director Slava Stepnov presents an event for the entire family during the winter holidays! Steps Theatre presents
a new production – “At the Ark at Eight” – a play by German writer Ulrich Hub, translated by Heinar Piller.
The premiere of “At the Ark at Eight” is an event for your family to gather for the holidays!
You’ll join three inquisitive penguins and a guarding dove in their exciting adventures on Noah’s Ark, where characters learn the meaning of true friendship and mutual aid.
This charming tale, for children and adults, is both funny and serious; full of emotional depth, sincerity of acting, a bewitching plot and spectacular music. It will be told thru the creative twist of the language of film and live stage performance.
Ulrich Hub’s play won different literature and playwright awards in Europe and United States.
Steps Theatre is proud to have reached its 16th anniversary this year. The company works with actors of different nationalities and theatre schools, producing plays in English, Russian and Spanish. Steps is the place where theater and its audience create together. We strive to discover elements of human nature that unite people, wherever they may come from.
This winter season, let us take you back to your childhood……
Cast: Adam Swartz, Ross C. Bergen, Elise Williams, Chrissy Basham, Michael Griffiths.
Director: Anna Nesterova
Music & Songs: Ellina Graypel
Video: Njordy Jovanovich
Assitant Director: Sofia Kharkover
Group discount is available

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