The Legendary EVGENY FEDOROV and ZORGE, opening acts by TINAVIE (Russia) and The Clox (NYC).
ZORGE – As described by Boris Grebenschikov, ZORGE is “a new incarnation of the great Russian rock band TEQUILAJAZZ”. The musicians themselves describe the genre the band performs in as “rock and power-pop”.
The new program was created specifically for the US mini tour and will feature songs by both Zorge and Tequilajazzz.
TINAVIE – The Russian Rolling Stones Magazine named them “one of the most interesting indie-pop projects”, and the “Russian Reporter” magazine called Tina no less than “the Russian Morcheeba”.
The CLOX – Hailing from Kazakhstan, the group has “set up shop here in Manhattan to show us all how a lot of this heavy rock business is supposed to be done”.
Their unique cross between bands like INXS and Oasis does what this band is good at: sounding familiar and exotic at the same time.”The Deli Magazine”

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